Privacy Policy

1. Collection of personal information

FBG only collects and holds limited information about employees in organisations with whom FBG has had contact.  The contact may come about 

  • due to inquiries initiated by the employee for information about FBG’s services;
  • as a result of an employee, acting on behalf of their organisation, engaging FBG in contracted work, or 
  • via applications from employees to participate in FBG programs or events
  • where FBG has initiated contact and the employee has willingly provided the information.   

FBG only collects information relevant to the fulfilment of its contracted services or for the purposes of maintaining contact with the employee.   In most cases it will only include name, position title, name of employer, phone number, e-mail address and work location.   Where data is collected as part of an application by an employee to participate in an FBG program or event, only information that enables FBG to deliver the service to the employee will be collected.       

FBG also uses online response tracking as part of our newsletter distribution process.  This allows us to identify individuals’ interest levels as well as general levels of interest in particular subject matter which helps us to provide more relevant information to you and your business to assist you to achieve your business outcomes.    

2. Use of personal information 

FBG uses the information above in three ways:

  • to carry out contracted work with that employee and/or its organisation
  • to ascertain the needs of the employee and/or its organisation for FBG’s services
  • to provide the employee and/or its organisation with information that may assist the employee and/or organisation in achieving its business outcomes         

3. Disclosure of personal information 

FBG does not disclose the information it collects and holds about employees to any third party without the express consent of the employee

4. Data Quality

FBG is committed to taking all reasonable steps to ensure the limited personal information about employees it collects and uses is accurate and up to date.

5. Rights and control of personal information

An employee of any organisation has the right to: 

  • request access to any information held about them by FBG.  
  • request FBG update any information held about them that they believe is incorrect, incomplete or misleading.  
  • Request FBG remove their information from FBG’s records
  • Make a complaint about the collection, use or disclosure of their personal information by FBG 
  • Unsubscribe from FBG’s mailing list 

6. Storage and Security 

FBG at all times maintains suitable procedures to safeguard and secure the limited information we have collected about any employee.