Organisations with strong leadership deliver better results.

Effective leadership development positively alters the way leaders prioritise, use available resource, execute strategy and manage themselves and others. Employee engagement, discretionary effort and organisational performance increase with leadership capability. At FBG, we recognise different leadership skills, knowledge, values and time perspectives are required in different roles and organisational levels. Strategic leadership is important at the executive level, operational leadership at the senior to middle levels and leading implementation is critical at front line level. FBG offers the design and delivery of leadership development programs for all levels of leaders and we support leaders managing teams through team development programs. Executive exchange, an exclusive learning exchange between the executive teams of non-competing organisations and individual and group coaching also form part of our suite of leadership development. For HR professionals, we offer a progressive HR development program that facilitates the transition of HR managers and advisors to business partners.

Leadership effectiveness is about delivering results through others and in the organisation that they are part of.  At FBG, we focus on the work that leaders need to get done and develop the skills they require to succeed.

Leadership Offerings at FBG

Leadership Development Programs

FBG’s approach to leadership development is informed by the leadership pipeline principle of ensuring that leaders are able to deliver results at the level at which they operate. Their effectiveness is dependent on the way they apply their knowledge, skills and previous experience to executing the organisation’s strategy in their role as leader.

The higher the level of manager, the greater the complexity of the leader’s task and our approach to learning evolves to reflect this. The more senior the leader, the greater the focus on learning that facilitates transformational development through reflection, one on one coaching and learning from others and their own experience.

Our approach to leadership development is informed by current or future delivery, skill and capability needs and the organisation’s and individual’s desire to address these. This perceived need may have been generated through feedback, a mistake, observing other people’s reactions, failing or not being up to a task – in other words, from experience. We partner with clients to deliver leadership development, based on the 70.20.10 principle, which includes:

  • grounded in job experience and working on real tasks and problems
  • generated from feedback and the evaluation of good and bad examples
  • informed by useful theory and models

The programs we design and deliver will enable leaders to deliver the outcomes and develop the skills outlined below.

Team Development

FBG works with individual team members to explore perceptions, discuss challenges and opportunities. These initial discussions serve to get a sense of individual experiences, capabilities and general alignment to the team’s broader agenda. The data and insights that are generated about the team will be used to shape the team development agenda.

Our work with teams focuses on:

  • Developing a shared view of the task and results that need to be delivered as a team and what systems and processes, skills and leadership capabilities they have or need to develop in order to deliver their results.
  • An increased understanding of individual team member differences and strengths to further the team’s ability to work effectively together.
  • Creating a culture where there is possibility for enhanced relationships within the team and an increased level of trust and productive debate around important issues and clear commitment to action and accountability to deliver.
  • Build confidence to provide each other with feedback that is critical to the overall success of the team and its ability to deal with difficult issues.
  • The delivery of results to achieve organisational transformation.

An FBG coaching program includes the following elements:

  • Initial interview: Used to assess fit, gather initial data and discuss personal challenges
  • Assessment: This could include a 360 feedback instrument or leadership assessment tool
  • Coaching sessions: 6 sessions of 1.5 hours
  • Three way meeting/s: This involves a discussion between the line manager, coachee and coach to agree development goals and monitor progress
  • Evaluation: This in ongoing and will be managed in multiple ways through ongoing feedback and the monitoring of outcomes
Executive Exchange

An Executive Exchange is an exclusive and confidential learning exchange between the Executive Teams of non-competing organisations. It is designed to deliver themed and focused mutual learning for the executive members of the participating organisations. It enables the exchange of ideas, the discussion of different approaches and provides support and challenge to all participating executives.

An Executive Exchange is initiated by an organisation with defined learning needs and clarity on which organisation it wishes to invite to participate in the Executive Exchange. The invited organisation is usually a non-competing organisation that will reciprocate the interest, thus creating a learning and exchange loop.

FBG attracts the invited organisation and manages the logistics in partnership with the initiating organisation and works with both organisations to develop an agenda and activities that meet shared interests and addresses common challenges.

FBG designs and facilitates the Executive Exchange to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved for all participants.


FBG uses a number of instruments, the biographical interviews and one-on-one discussions to develop an understanding of the strengths and development areas of leaders in organisations. Our assessment work includes professionally managed feedback and a development plan that enables the leader to be more effective in their role, in the organisation that they work in and in their ability to deliver results. FBG consultants are qualified in a number of assessment tools and in designing and facilitating assessment centres where required. Our focus is on the leader in context and our approach aims to enable insights, facilitate learning and develop new skills, a different mindset and approach to ensure success.

Functional leadership in HR

This is an integrated program that combines workshop modules and work based action learning sets to enable HR professionals to ground themselves in skills that will increase the effectiveness of their organisations. Coaching and consultancy will form part of the program delivery and key internal stakeholders will be involved in determining the desired program outcomes, so that the organisation benefits directly from application of these new skills.

This program contains a range of stimulating and provocative modules which cover the key skills and models for developing the identified competencies required for the effective HR professional. FBG works with clients to tailor the appropriate modules to their needs and to determine how best to structure the program. This is a program best suited to HR professionals who need to transition from HR manager to HR business partner.

Organisation outcomes for effective leadership development:

  • Priority shifting
  • Effective delegation
  • Increased organisational effectiveness
  • Increased team working and collaboration
  • Proactive approach to development
  • Results focused performance management
  • Greater organisational performance and wellbeing
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