At FBG, we believe leaders are accountable for driving and managing change and employees are central to effective cultural and organisational change.

We work with clients to review and evaluate organisational processes, systems, programs, operations, structures and culture and recommend changes based on our findings.

We work closely with leaders in organisations to define, plan and implement those changes as well as ensuring that there are communication and engagement plans to build awareness, engagement and commitment.

FBG’s experienced consultants will conduct structured interviews, desk top audits, literature reviews, focus groups and qualitative and quantitative surveys. We gauge employee insights about their response to change and engagement level as we understand the impact these have on success.

FBG works with clients to increase their understanding of employees’ response to change, identify potential de-railers and create strategies to minimise the impact of change and increase the alignment of people skills, processes, structure, systems and culture to ensure effective delivery of the desired future.

FBG uses proven methodologies to inform their approach to change. This builds the capability and resilience of individuals and organisations to understand and manage change more effectively.

FBG uses proven methodologies to inform their approach to change and works with leaders to:

  • Understand where the client wants to get to and if required, work with the client to articulate the direction through strategic planning and agree where ownership for the change needs to sit
  • Review what the client has in place to enable delivery of its longer term vision and goals through the use of culture and engagement surveys, evaluations and face to face data gathering
  • Define what is required for effective strategy execution and greater organisation effectiveness and alignment. Deploy the best talent to carry out the most critical components of transformation and ensure that leaders role-model the desired outcomes
  • Design a fit for purpose solution and approach
  • Develop a plan for execution with clear roles and responsibilities for leaders and use coaching and mentoring to facilitate this
  • Deliver the change through the Organisation's leaders and through the involvement and engagement of its employees

FBG works with clients to build long-term health of the organisation and is committed to:

  • Build capability
  • Engage with communities and stakeholders
  • Change and challenge existing mindsets through workshops, focus groups, surveys
  • Evolve the culture – understanding how systems (as well as attitudes and capability) define culture and building systems that build culture
  • Continuous improvement – becoming a way of working not a one off event
  • Build leadership capability through development intervention – people view the organisation through the relationship they have with their immediate manager – if that is a productive trusting relationship then it is likely they will have a positive view of the organisation, its future direction and their work
  • Short-term performance is important – but long term health ensures sustainability

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