What does it take to optimise performance?

Optimal performance depends on having a business plan that is supported by a corresponding set of people systems and processes to support this plan (as mapped out below). 

Performance management sequence

People strategies, systems and processes need to suit your organisation’s unique culture and context. They also need to be efficient, user-friendly and contemporary in design. All the components must align to form a consistent, cohesive and effective ‘people infrastructure’ for your organisation. This calls for systems-thinking and a broad perspective, so that your performance infrastructure is built with the full end-to-end picture in mind. 

What distinguishes FBG’s approach from others?

The team at FBG have been designing fit-for-purpose people strategies, systems and processes for years. We are highly skilled at establishing, reviewing and refining these. We know how to strategically maximise your people strategies, systems and processes to ensure they are:

  • Developed in a holistic, end-to-end, integrated way
  • Aligned unambiguously with your organisational purpose and goals
  • Reinforcing of your desired organisational culture, values and behaviours
  • Operating as a guide for timely decision making and budget allocations
  • Accessible and clearly communicated to all managers and employees

If you would prefer, FBG can play an advisory role in coaching and supporting internal organisational resources (e.g. HR, OD staff) on how to design, launch, implement and evaluate your own organisation’s systems and processes.

What results have we delivered?

  • Partnered with an internal specialist team to design and communicate a new capability framework, including skills pathways and related development options/activities
  • Design and introduction of a Performance Management approach/system where there was none before, including policy and procedures, systems and conversations training for staff and managers, and supporting the People Committee in designing and communicating the new approach
  • Running Team Effectiveness Workshops with different types and levels of teams from across a range of industries, whether as a team kickstart process or a team capability enhancement program
  • Building Career Development Frameworks for organisations ranging from a local council to a global organisation, including process design, templates, and training
  • Coaching an L&D team to research, build, and communicate a new strategic approach to L&D
  • Partnering with the OD/HR team of a large organisation to build and roll out a new Mentoring Program with a focus on knowledge transfer, cross-team networking and silo-busting
  • Communications work to explain, promote and encourage use of people strategies, systems and processes within organisations

With FBG on your team, your robust people strategies and systems will attract, develop, and retain great people to help your organisation achieve extraordinary results.

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