Most organisations understand the critical impact employee wellbeing has on engagement and performance

FBG’s Wellbeing Programs and services enable organisations to systematically lift wellbeing and effectively manage wellbeing risk areas. Our Wellbeing services, programs and tools actively engage your workforce to monitor and improve individual and team wellbeing. 

FBG’s Wellbeing practice is uniquely placed to bring innovative, practical solutions to managing and enhancing wellbeing given two decades of experience providing employee assistance and behavioural risk management solutions to many organisations.


FBG Wellbeing Programs 

Our Wellbeing programs are grounded in positive psychology to provide proactive strategies to lift wellbeing rather than a deficit problem focused approach. While we assist and support employees with wellbeing challenges, our focus is enhancing positive wellbeing.

Our programs generally engage over 30% of an employee population with activities and tools enabling them to better understand and improve their psychological wellbeing.

After years of practice and validated research, FBG have designed an ongoing Wellbeing program that can either sit alongside an existing EAP or incorporate EAP services into a more engaging, interactive Wellbeing Program.  

An FBG Wellbeing Program brings together advances in technology coupled with solid professional expertise and includes the following components:

  • 24/7 access to our online Wellbeing Centre – providing access to advice and forums and the most up to date information and self-help resources
  • Access to Wellbeing coaches and psychologists who work with a wide range of issues, ensuring people operate at their best
  • E-Wellbeing support including targeted information and tools and our wellbeing app – enabling individuals to better manage their own wellbeing, supported by professional, confidential and time efficient wellbeing support
  • Identification of risk – through our engagement with your population we are able to identify and proactively manage and work with those individuals presenting with higher levels of psychological vulnerability, ensuring that they are supported in the most appropriate way

Under the lead of an experienced FBG Program manager we will tailor a Wellbeing program for your organisation that draws on the expertise of our national network of coaches and clinical teams, our experienced psychologists and our E-Wellbeing tools and resources. 

FBG implements our Wellbeing Programs nationally, allowing employees 24/7 access, 365 days a year.  


Wellbeing Consulting & Training Services

At an advisory level, we work closely with our clients to assess and understand your wellbeing levels and profile.  Our robust assessment process allows organisations to understand their wellbeing levels, areas of risk and their wellbeing enablers and derailers to inform action and programs.

Our Wellbeing consulting and training services are tailored to each organisation’s needs including:

  • Developing a wellbeing strategy
  • Reviews, audits, and evaluation of existing mental health programs and services
  • Conducting wellbeing surveys and assessments
  • Designing and implementing peer support services and programs
  • Designing and developing learning and development solutions in the areas of positive psychology, resilience and managing mental health issues

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